Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Fear

Annie isn't scared of heights, or much of anything else for that matter.  She certainly always keeps us on our toes!  Here she is at the top of a merry-go-round at the park where we went for our church pancake breakfast.  It was windy,
 cold and gray (love that Seattle June gloom) but that didn't stop her for a minute!

Preschool Graduation

Cara loved preschool!  In June, she graduated in a darling ceremony.  She was so funny and just did her own thing including sticking her booty out at the entire audience of parents! Fortunately everyone just thinks she's adorable and didn't mind at all.  She even wore a little graduation hat and it was all

very cute.  I'm so grateful that we live in an area with great special education programs for our special little dolly!


Poor Marq has been struggling with an ingrown toenail, so it was finally time to get it cut out.  Yuck!  He was such a trooper though, even when they gave him shots in his toe to numb it.  Thank heavens we have access to great medical care, and that it's now much better!

Darling Scooter Rider!

Cara wants to do everything she sees her older brothers and sisters doing - including riding on a scooter!  So Brantley, ever the helpful brother, helped her to do it.  She loved it and would NOT let him take her off!

Red Belt

Annie is an amazing karate girl.  She just continues to move up through the ranks and really enjoys herself while doing it.  Last month (May) she tested for and got her red belt.  That means she's only 1 belt away from getting her black belt.  Way to go girl - we're proud of you!

Evie's 1st Birthday!

On May 14, 2014 little miss Evangeline Faith Goddard turned 1 year old.  I can't believe how quickly it has gone!  She continues to be a very happy and contented little one, and we all just adore her.  And talk about cute!  She's certainly a blessing in our lives.  Happy Birthday baby girl!

Happy Girl!

Cara is just such a joyful soul.  She certainly has her times when she's not happy, but generally she just smiles and sings and spreads sunshine around.  We're so blessed to have this beautiful little gift from heaven in our family! 

Cutie Pie Evie!

Evie loves her auntie Cara's ride-on car.  In fact, if you try to take her off of it, she holds onto the handles with a death grip and lifts it up with her.  Pretty funny.  Here she is doing one of her favorite things.  Such a dolly!

4th Grade Music Program

This year in music at school, the Emily and Ashlyn both learned to play the recorder and showed off their talents in the Music Program.  I'm so glad they attend a school with such a strong music program, and that they love music so much.  The both did so well and I look forward to seeing where they go with their music!

Track Stars!

Emily and Ashlyn ran track for the school team this spring, and they both did amazingly well!  They won many, many of the races they ran, and when they didn't win, they usually took 2nd place.  They're both sprinters, and Ashlyn is an amazing softball thrower as well.  I just loved watching them run.  Good job girls!

Bead Baby!

Evie just loves playing with Cara's container of beads.  They keep her occupied for quite some time.  She drags them around, shakes them, tries to wear them, chews on them, and just generally enjoys them.  They only cost about $4.00 total, and I've certainly gotten my money's worth!

Happy Outside Girl

Cara's favorite place is outside.  No matter what the weather, that's where she always wants to be.  We try to make sure she gets out several times a day come rain or shine, and when we do, we're always rewarded with her amazing smile.  We sure do love this darling girl!