Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Great Cake

Brantley continues to cook and bake wonderful things all the time.  For this cake, he made his own fondant and it was much better than the store bought fondant.  His creativity just never ceases to amaze me!

Fun at Value Village

One day Emily, Ashlyn, Annie and I were out thrift store shopping, like we like to do.  At one of our favorite thrift stores, they had these funny cut-outs and we just couldn't resist.  Sometimes (often times with us) you've just got to be silly!

Walks with Grandma

I love my "grandma time" with Evie.  She and I read, play, and go on long walks around the neighborhood.  Being a grandma really is the best!

Celebration Lunch

The Saturday after we had Cara sealed to us, we went out to Red Robin for a celebration lunch.  We had a great time and Evie and Cara both did really well.  We love going out to eat as a family, and it's money (lots of it) well spent!

Science Time

Brantley decided to include Evie in his science lesson one day.  It was so cute watching Evie trying to look through the microscope.  Maybe she's a future scientist?

More Great Sealing Pictures!

Another Fun Picture From Cara's Sealing

Elizabeth took so many great pictures that I had a hard time choosing just a few to share here.  It's so great having talented friends!

Cara's Temple Sealing

On September 27th, we took Cara to the Seattle Temple to have her sealed to our family for time and all eternity.  It was a wonderful sunny day and Cara did so well with the ceremony.  Our friends Elizabeth Berninger and Jodi Mecham came along and helped out, and Elizabeth took the pictures.  Everything went just beautifully.  It feels so good to have her be ours forever!


This year, Marq and Annie wanted to try out public high school. Now only Brantley homeschools. So far, they're enjoying it  - except for the homework, of course!

Super Cutie Pie!

Evie is so darling!  Not that I'm biased, or anything.  I loved this bow in her hair.  Of course, once she realized it was there, it was gone in a heartbeat.  It was cute for a minute though!

Blessing Day

We had Cara blessed at home and it was very nice.
 She sat quietly the entire time Tim was giving her the blessing, and then just smiled afterwards.  Here she is in our yard afterwards in her cute white dress.  What a sweetie!

Arms Full

Brantley loves both Evie and Cara, and often has both of them on his lap or is carrying both at the same time.  Way to multi-task honey!

First Week of Kindergarten!

Cara was a little unsure about kindergarten at first, but now she totally loves school!  She can't wait to get there in the morning, and doesn't want to come home in the afternoon.  I'm so grateful to her teachers for making it a wonderful experience for her.  Here she is waiting on the stairs at home to get her shoes on to leave for school.  Notice the huge smile?

Looking Grown Up

Evie is growing up so fast!  She's truly a toddler and not a baby anymore.  She continues to have a very sweet, happy and contented personality and we all just love her!

1st Day of 5th Grade

5th grade for Emily and Ashlyn already!  They continue to love school and do well there.  They go to a great little school and know almost everyone.  Here's to another great year!

Brantley's 15th Birthday!

I seriously can't believe this boy is 15.  Another year and he'll be driving!  He's our quiet shy guy with a heart of gold.  Happy Birthday sweetie - we love you tons!

Love Those Smiles!

Brantley and Cara have had a special bond since they first met in Africa.  They just seem to "get" each other.  I love this picture because it shows how they almost always look when they're together - huge smiles!

Citizenship Paperwork

When we took Cara to Walgreens to have passport pictures taken for her U.S. Citizenship paperwork, she was having none of it at all.  No way was she going to cooperate.  So the person who was trying to take her picture suggested we take her home, lay her down on a white background, and take a picture or two.  Then he would crop them for us we'd be all set.  And it actually worked!  Once we got her home she perked right up and thought it was all a big game.  Here are the adorable pictures we ended up with!

Camel Ride

Every year we go to the zoo, and every year Emily and Ashlyn ask for camel rides.  This year we finally had the time to do it.  They had a great time, but don't think they'll go again.  Camels stink!

Bathing Beauty

Cara just loves to play in the sprinklers!  She spent a lot of this last summer in a swim suit running through our sprinkler and just laughing her head off.  With Cara, even the most ordinary things become tons of fun!

So Many Girls!

It's so fun having 6 daughters and a granddaughter.  Even if it means stepping on Polly Pockets and Barbies all the time.  Here are 4 of our beauties.  How blessed we are!

Marq is 14!

On July 25th, Marq turned 14.  He's a wonderful young man and makes us proud often.  He had a fun day with his best friend, and a great family dinner afterwards.  Happy Birthday handsome!

4th of July 2014

We had a great 4th of July as usual.  Lexie and Evie came over for a b-b-q and when it got dark we shot off fireworks.  The weather was beautiful, the food yummy, and the company wonderful!

Annie's 14th Birthday!

On June 26th, Annie turned 14.  She's a beautiful spunky girl and there is never a dull moment with her around.  She spent her birthday at our church's Youth Conference with lots of friends and had a great time.  Happy Birthday honey - we love you!

Ashlyn is 10!

Yet another child in the double digits.  Ashlyn was the baby until Cara came home, and I can't believe she's this old!  She's a wonderful girl and we feel so blessed to have her in our family.  She had a fun birthday with friends and family and Costco cupcakes.  Happy Birthday sweetie!

Face Paint!

In June, a teacher at Russel Ridge Homeschool Center did face painting for the students who were interested.  Of course Annie was - and she ended up with this amazing design on her face!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Fear

Annie isn't scared of heights, or much of anything else for that matter.  She certainly always keeps us on our toes!  Here she is at the top of a merry-go-round at the park where we went for our church pancake breakfast.  It was windy,
 cold and gray (love that Seattle June gloom) but that didn't stop her for a minute!

Preschool Graduation

Cara loved preschool!  In June, she graduated in a darling ceremony.  She was so funny and just did her own thing including sticking her booty out at the entire audience of parents! Fortunately everyone just thinks she's adorable and didn't mind at all.  She even wore a little graduation hat and it was all

very cute.  I'm so grateful that we live in an area with great special education programs for our special little dolly!


Poor Marq has been struggling with an ingrown toenail, so it was finally time to get it cut out.  Yuck!  He was such a trooper though, even when they gave him shots in his toe to numb it.  Thank heavens we have access to great medical care, and that it's now much better!

Darling Scooter Rider!

Cara wants to do everything she sees her older brothers and sisters doing - including riding on a scooter!  So Brantley, ever the helpful brother, helped her to do it.  She loved it and would NOT let him take her off!

Red Belt

Annie is an amazing karate girl.  She just continues to move up through the ranks and really enjoys herself while doing it.  Last month (May) she tested for and got her red belt.  That means she's only 1 belt away from getting her black belt.  Way to go girl - we're proud of you!

Evie's 1st Birthday!

On May 14, 2014 little miss Evangeline Faith Goddard turned 1 year old.  I can't believe how quickly it has gone!  She continues to be a very happy and contented little one, and we all just adore her.  And talk about cute!  She's certainly a blessing in our lives.  Happy Birthday baby girl!

Happy Girl!

Cara is just such a joyful soul.  She certainly has her times when she's not happy, but generally she just smiles and sings and spreads sunshine around.  We're so blessed to have this beautiful little gift from heaven in our family! 

Cutie Pie Evie!

Evie loves her auntie Cara's ride-on car.  In fact, if you try to take her off of it, she holds onto the handles with a death grip and lifts it up with her.  Pretty funny.  Here she is doing one of her favorite things.  Such a dolly!

4th Grade Music Program

This year in music at school, the Emily and Ashlyn both learned to play the recorder and showed off their talents in the Music Program.  I'm so glad they attend a school with such a strong music program, and that they love music so much.  The both did so well and I look forward to seeing where they go with their music!

Track Stars!

Emily and Ashlyn ran track for the school team this spring, and they both did amazingly well!  They won many, many of the races they ran, and when they didn't win, they usually took 2nd place.  They're both sprinters, and Ashlyn is an amazing softball thrower as well.  I just loved watching them run.  Good job girls!

Bead Baby!

Evie just loves playing with Cara's container of beads.  They keep her occupied for quite some time.  She drags them around, shakes them, tries to wear them, chews on them, and just generally enjoys them.  They only cost about $4.00 total, and I've certainly gotten my money's worth!

Happy Outside Girl

Cara's favorite place is outside.  No matter what the weather, that's where she always wants to be.  We try to make sure she gets out several times a day come rain or shine, and when we do, we're always rewarded with her amazing smile.  We sure do love this darling girl!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4th Grade Citizenship Awards

Emily and Ashlyn are always much-loved by their teachers in school, and by their many friends as well.  This year they both got Citizenship awards for being such good school citizens.  We're very proud of them for being who they are, and for helping others to be successful in school too!

Lexie's 20th Birthday!

Wow, another child in their 20's.  Lexie has grown into a wonderful young woman and mother.  She certainly keeps us on our toes, and we love her so much.  Happy Birthday honey! 

Best Friends

Cara and Evie just love spending time together.  Whenever Evie is over at our house, Cara follows Evie around, or Evie follows Cara around.  They share toys and sing together.  It's just the cutest thing!  I'm so glad they love each other! 

Holy Cow, Emily is 10!

She's our tiny, spunky little girl, and now she's 10!  I can't believe I have another child in the double digits.  Emily is just so much fun, and cute as a button.  I can't imagine my life without her in it.  For her birthday we went and saw Frozen with some of her friends, and had ice cream afterwards.  Everyone had a great time.
Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

The Girls' School Talent Show 2014

This year, the girls performed in the school talent show again.  They just love to show off their dancing talents, and to have fun with a all their friends.  They did a great job as always.  The family was there to cheer them on, and a great time was had by all!

Girlie Clothes!

I thought my days of having a little girl to buy girlie clothes for were over, but then along came Cara!  I just have so much fun shopping for her.  I know she doesn't usually care much at this point, but I just love the fluffy stuff and big flowers.  And how could I not buy adorable things for my adorable little dolly?