Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paper Jamz!

For Christmas, Marq got something called Paper Jamz.  I'd never heard of them before, but he showed them to me on Amazon.  They're cardboard guitars that really play and are really pretty cool!  Here are Marq and Ashlyn pretending to be rock stars.  Funny kids!

Christmas Day 2012

We had a great Christmas Day.  I always love it when all the kids are here, even though it's totally loud and wild.  I'm so glad my kids really enjoy each others company so much.  We opened presents and had our traditional dinner of lasagna and garlic bread, with apple, mixed berry, and key lime pies for dessert.  We also like to watch a Christmas movie while we wait for dinner to cook.  This year it was "The Christmas Story" - one of our favorites. We also discussed the true meaning of Christmas, and I was so pleased that even the little girls had lots to add about the importance of Christ's birth.  All in all, and wonderful, fun family day!

Emily and Ashlyn

Annie and Marq

Lexie and Brantley

Ellie and Ean

Family Photos for Cara

On Christmas Day, I took pictures of all of us for an album I was making to send to Liberia for Cara.  I'm hoping it will help her to not be so scared when we pick her up.  At least she will have seen pictures of all of us before we get there. I can't believe how grown up everyone is looking nowadays!

Christmas Eve Morning Tradition

We usually go to Occidental Park in Downtown Seattle on Christmas Eve Morning and help feed the homeless folks there.  Last year we couldn't make it, but we did this year.  It's such a great experience for the kids to help others in need and to realize that not everyone has enough food to eat on a regular basis.  We also handed out socks, and Emily even made bracelets to hand out as well.  So cute!  As always, the people we served were very grateful and we got many "Merry Christmas" greetings.  I hope we can continue to do this for many years to come!

4 Days of Sunshine!

In November 2012 Tim and I went on the trip he won when he was chosen Regional Manager of the Year.  It was at the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale Arizona.  It was so wonderful!  We ate great food, visited the spa multiple times, had fantastic entertainment every evening, and just soaked up the warmth and sun!  It was such a wonderful and rare break for us.  Tim even got to drive a race car!  I hope we can do it again someday!

Halloween 2012

Marq, Annie, and Brantley are feeling a bit too grown up for costumes at Halloween, but Emily and Ashlyn aren't!  Here they are in their costumes this year. They're so cute, as always. It'll be so fun to have 2 more to dress up next year when our Cara is home and Lexie's baby girl is here.  More girly costumes!

Regional Manager of the Year!

In November Tim got the Regional Manager of the Year award from his company, AutoZone.  I've always known he's good at what he does, but obviously he's very good!  He got a great award statue and an all-expense paid trip to a resort in Scottsdale AZ for both of us! Yahoo! These pictures of of him right after he got the award, and his office after he got back from the conference where he got the award. Way to go honey!

Monday, January 21, 2013

We're Adopting Again!

This is Karin Kona Mitchell - who will soon be Cara Kona Goddard - our new daughter!  Isn't she just adorable?  She's 5 years old and lives in Liberia West Africa.  She has Cerebral Palsy so we'll have all sorts of new experiences being her family.  We hope to go get her sometime in March or April 2013. The kids are all beyond excited, and so are Tim and I.  Another little princess!