Thursday, October 11, 2012

Isn't this what pool tables are for?

We hardly ever play pool on our pool table, but the kids use it for other things all the time.  It makes an especially wonderful tent.  The girls love to disappear under there to read and play. I'm so glad they're still comfortable being LITTLE girls!


Sometimes Emily and Ashlyn's teacher at school has the kids do yoga poses when they need to get some wiggles out.  Here are the girls doing the "tree" pose. What a creative teacher!

Horse Riding!

Brantley and Annie have started taking horse riding lessons from a great friend from church.  They're learning all about how to take care of horses and saddle them and of course how to ride.  It looks like so much fun that I may have to do it myself sometime!

My Northwest Harvest Girls!

I took Ellie, Emily and Ashlyn with me to Northwest Harvest to volunteer one Saturday in September.  I was amazed at how much work my little girls did!  Ellie has volunteered there before and knew what to do, but Emily and Ashlyn just jumped right in and got busy.  It was so fun being there with my girls, and we will certainly do it again!

1st Day of 3rd Grade!

Ashlyn and Emily started 3rd grade on August 30th.  They were very excited to go!  I'm so glad we have such a nice little school just 2 minutes from our house.  I know they'll homeschool when they get a bit older, but for now it's working very well to have them in school.  Although I really miss them when they're gone!

Brantley's 13th Birthday!

I can't believe Brantley is a teenager already.  Of course, in a few years, we'll have 5 teens at the same time, so he's just the beginning.  He had a great day doing whatever he wanted with no chores or schoolwork.  He chose Applebee's for his birthday dinner and chocolate chocolate cake for his cake.  His cereal was Lucky Charms.  Happy Birthday sweetie - we love you!

Our Trip to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

On a beautiful September day we decided to take a trip to the zoo and aquarium in Tacoma.  It had been awhile since we'd been to the zoo, and it was the perfect day for it - sunny and 70 degrees. We saw all the animals and had a yummy lunch in one of the restaurants.  Everyone had a great time, and since I bought a membership, we'll do it again soon!  

Small But Mighty!

Emily is tiny - the size of an average 6 year old and she'll be 9 in February - but she's very strong.  She gives Ashlyn piggy-back rides all the time, and Ashlyn is much bigger than she is.  I guess all the gymnastics and karate has really paid off!

Hide and Seek

Emily likes to play hide and seek, and she's very creative about her hiding places.  Here she is in the baking cabinet.  Silly girl!