Sunday, August 5, 2012

All Ready to Go!

Here are the girls just before they entered the baptismal font.  What a wonderful day!

More Baptism Photos

Here are Tim and I with our girls on their Baptism Day.  We couldn't be more proud of them!

Beautiful Baptism Braids

Lexie is getting to be such a great braider!  She braided the girls' hair for their baptism.  Of course, it helps that she has such beautiful sisters to practice on!

Emily and Ashlyn's Baptism Day!

On August 4th 2012 Emily and Ashlyn were baptized.  The day was warm and sunny, and both Ean and Lexie were able to join us too.  The program was very nice, and they were able to be baptized with 2 of their little friends from church - Ava Reall and Sienna Christensen.  They looked so beautiful in their white dresses, and we're so proud of their decision to be baptized.  We love you so much, girls!

Reading Time!

Brantley and Ashlyn do lots of things together. They're both so thin they can, and often do, share this chair and read side by side for long periods of time.  So cute!