Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marq is 12!

I can't believe it, but on July 25th Marq turned 12! It's that time of year where we have 3 kids the same age for about a month. He had a really fun birthday because we got a new XBOX 360 Kinect that afternoon and he had all sorts of fun with that.  We also had karate where they all sang to him, and he had a friend over for dinner and cake.  And he got lots of his favorite things - legos! And an Elvis CD. Funny kid!  He chose Life Cinnamon cereal for breakfast, pizza for dinner, and vanilla cake for his dessert.  Happy Birthday sweet boy! 

My Birthday

Yikes!  On July 19th I turned 49!  How can I possibly be only a year away from 50???  Time flies when you're having fun I guess!  Anyhow, this is a picture of the surprise breakfast that Brantley made for me.  I came downstairs, and there it was - homemade pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, fresh squeezed orange juice, and buttered toast.  He said he was going to include bacon too, but it didn't smell right.  I'm so glad he didn't include it!  The rest of the day was lovely and all the kids were on their best behavior.  Then we had pizza and ice cream cake for dinner. All in all, it was a wonderful birthday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July!  The weather was beautiful (not the norm here - usually it's cool and rainy), and all the kids were able to be here.  Ellie's boyfriend Marquis was here too, so we had a full house.  The BBQ was great and the fireworks afterwards were fun.  As usual, our neighbors set off all kinds of huge fireworks, so we were able to enjoy the show.  It was an all around great day!

Ashlyn is 8!

On June 29th, Ashlyn turned 8.  I can't believe my baby (for the moment, at least) is 8!  She continues to be so tall for her age, and is such a wonderful little girl.  We just couldn't love her more!  For her dinner, she wanted hot dogs and chips, and for her cereal she chose Lucky Charms.  She got Polly Pockets, Squinkies, Barbies, and Pet Shops.  Happy Birthday oh so beautiful girl! 

Annie's 12th Birthday!

I can't believe that my little Annie is 12!  She's just growing up way too fast.  And what a beautiful young woman she's growing into!  She's spunky, fun, and very smart.  For her dinner, we went to Old Country Buffet because she loves that place.  Tim couldn't join us because he was still recovering from his surgery, but I took the kids and we had a great time and all ate way too much.  Most of the kids had at least 4 desserts!  Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

Dance Recital!

Emily and Ashlyn started Jazz at a local dance school this year, and they love it!  Their recital was in June, and it was so fun.  They were just as cute as could be!

Ashlyn's 2nd Grade Presentation

For Ashlyn's presentation, she showed how to make Marie Calandar's corn bread.  I was so glad I went to their classroom to watch their presentations.  It was adorable.  She did a great job too!

Emily's 2nd Grade Presentation

The little girls had to give "how to" presentations at the end of the school year.  Emily showed how to make break-and-bake cookies. I went to watch. She was really nervous, but she did a very well.  Great job, sweetie!

Student of the Semester Award

Ashlyn worked really hard in school this year, and was nominated by her teacher to get the Student of the Semester award!  She was presented it at a school assembly. Way to go, honey, we're very proud of you!

Cute Cookie Girl!

Emily enjoys making cookies almost as much as she enjoys eating them.  Thankfully she's perfectly happy with break-and-bake cookies.  Saves me lots of time in the kitchen!

Frosting Faces!

After we got back home, Brantley was baking, like usual.  The next thing I knew, he, Ashlyn, and Emily were covered with frosting.  I guess to make them even sweeter?  Funny kids!

Sleepy Girls

On drive from Pocatello to Salt Lake City to visit our friends the Groves and catch the plane home to Seattle, the girls both fell asleep on Brantley.  He sat perfectly still until they woke up.  What a guy!

Dinner at Grandma Pat's House

We got to go over to Grandma Pat's and her husband Jim's house for dinner one evening.  They had some lovely friends over too, and Tim's brother Benny, who he hasn't seen since they were in grade school, was able to be there also.  It was great visiting and catching up, and the food was yummy. All in all, it was a wonderful trip to Pocatello. The kids keep asking when we can go back!

Dinner at Mama Inez

Mama Inez is a yummy Mexican restaurant that's been in Pocatello for years.  We try to eat there every time we're in town.  This time it was extra fun because Hugo had our kids running all over the place.  2 year olds - instant entertainment!

Adorable Hugo!

Here are some pictures of Hugo at the pool.  He's just so darling!

At the Pool

Our hotel had a great pool, and the kids were in it everyday we were there.  One time, Lewis, Rio, and Hugo were able to join us.  Hugo wasn't interested in the water, but Rio and our kids all had a great time!

Grandma Meredith's Grave

I hadn't been back to Pocatello since my mom's funeral 5 years ago, so I asked my brother to show me mom's grave.  It's in a wonderful old cemetery with tons of beautiful old trees.  It's very peaceful there. 

Grandpa Ted

While we were there, we got to visit Grandpa Ted.  He's not doing very well health - wise, so I was glad we could see him.  He's living in a very nice assisted-care center and seems content.  We had a great visit!

A Great Big Brother!

Once while we were in our hotel suite, after a long day of visiting, Emily got very tired and sad.  So Brantley just scooped her up and rocked her to sleep in his arms.  Isn't that just the sweetest big brother thing to do?

A Fun Evening with Family and Friends

We had a really fun BBQ at Heather's parents house while we were in Pocatello.  Amy Cutler, who's been a close friend for over 30 years, was able to be there too.  It was great fun to see her again, and to watch all the kids bonding with their cousins!

Lewis and Family

One of the best parts of going to Pocatello was getting to see my brother Lewis, his fiance Heather, and their kids again.  Actually, this was the first time I met their little Hugo, and he's absolutely adorable!  I'd forgotten how fun 2 year olds can be.  And Rio, their 13 year old, looks like a young man!  The last time I saw him he was just a little boy.  Time certainly flies, and we're determined not to let so many years pass before we get together again!

Ross Park Zoo

Pocatello has a great little zoo that we like to visit whenever we're there.  Unlike the zoo up here in Seattle, you don't have to spend an entire day there to see everything.  It's just big enough to have some fun animals, but small enough to actually enjoy.  We had a fun couple of hours there!

Lunch at Applebee's

Our hotel in Pocatello was right across the street from an Applebee's, so we ate there for lunch our 1st day there.  Grandma Pat was able to join us, and it was lots of fun to see her again!

Our Pocatello Trip

In May we went to Pocatello Idaho to visit family and friends for 6 days.  It had been almost 7 years since we'd visited with all the younger kids, and it was a great trip! Here's a picture of Pat, Tim's mom our 2nd day there.  The next several posts will be from Pocatello!

Mother's Day 2012

I love Mother's Day!  And not because of the gifts or special treatment, but because I get to spend a day reflecting on how lucky and blessed I am to be a mom to such wonderful kids.  This year I got stuffed animals, roses, candy and great homemade and purchased cards.  But my best gift by far was all the hugs and kisses and I love you's I got.  I love you too kids!

Fun on the Swingset

This swing set was such a good investment for us.  It gets used almost every single day, rain or shine.  I keep thinking Brantley, Annie, and Marq are getting too big to enjoy it anymore, but they still love to spend time on it.  They do totally crazy dangerous-looking things on it all the time, but they sure do have fun!

Our House

Here's a picture I took of our house for our adoption portfolio when I thought we were going to be adopting here in the U.S.  Turns out the Lord has other plans for us, so I don't need this picture after all.  I sure do like our big-family sized house though!

Handsome Brantley!

Yep, he got new glasses too.  That makes 5 out of 8 kids who wear glasses or contacts - so far.  Doesn't he look great?

Sassy Little Woman!

Emily is all spunk, sass, and sweetness.  She spends her life jazz dancing all over the house and saying "I don't think so!"  Here she is in her new glasses. Life is so much sweeter and more fun with her around!

Easter Day 2012

We had a great Easter this year.  In addition to a wonderful church service, we had a lovely dinner with all the kids and Ellie's boyfriend Marquis.  I just love it when the whole family is together!  We also got a great picture of the whole family.  Wow - 2 of those in 1 year!  A big thank you to Marquis for taking the picture for us!

Easter Morning Treats

Usually we do a "bunny day" the day before Easter so we can concentrate on the Savior on Easter Sunday, but this year it was just too busy.  So here are the youngest 5 with their haul.  Unfortunately, those giant chocolate bunnies were yucky, but they had plenty of other candy and goodies!

Boy Scout Marq!

Here he is all ready for an urban hike.  Marq is such a handsome scout! 

All Ready for Church

Yes, another picture of Ashlyn and Emily.  I just can't help myself!  I love it when they're all dressed up for church.  Seriously girlie!

My 2 Beautiful Little Girls!

Aren't they adorable?  And I'm so blessed to have them! Just a couple of random pictures taken of my little beauties back in March.  One of these days I'll update my blog more often!