Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Emily's Weekend With Sebastian

Last fall Ashlyn brought Sebastian home for the weekend, and this time it was Emily's turn. Sebastian is their classroom mascot and every weekend a child brings him home for an adventure. It was a pretty quiet weekend, but they did hang out at bedtime, go swimming, go to church, and had a lasagna dinner. Emily did a great job writing about their adventures and scrapbooking the pages. I'm just glad they have such a fun and creative teacher!


Isn't he a cute dog? Good thing, since he has a mind of his own and is sure, even though he only weighs 8 lbs., that he's the boss. The kids love him though and we're glad we adopted him into our family. Now if only he's stop running full speed down the middle of the street!

Ellie's 21st Birthday!

On Feb. 22nd Ellie turned 21. It freaked me out a little bit because when I was 21, I got married! Yikes! I know she and her boyfriend are serious, but since she still wants to go on a mission I think we have a few years before the wedding. Anyhow, for her birthday dinner we ordered out for pizza and she invited the aforementioned boyfriend over for dinner with the family. She chose to have Pizza Hut cinnamon sticks instead of cake, and it was yummy. She's a wonderful young adult and we totally love her! Happy birthday beautiful woman!

Lexie is 18!

Lexie turned 18 on Feb. 20th and became our 3rd child who is a legal adult. Crazy! We took her to Red Robin for a birthday dinner after which we came home and had a cake that Brantley made, and then 2 days later on her actual birthday I took her out to IHOP for a birthday lunch. Turning 18 requires 2 restaurant meals, right? She's growing up to be a beautiful and wonderful young woman and we love her to bits. Happy Birthday honey!

Emily's 8th Birthday!

On Feb. 15th, Emily turned 8. I can't believe she's old enough to be baptized! She plans on waiting until Ashlyn turns 8 too though so they can be baptized together. She's such a fun, spunky, and adorable tiny person, and we couldn't love her more. Here are her birthday picks:

cereal - Cinnamon Swirls

dinner - hot dogs and chips

cake - Cinnabon cinnamon rolls

We have 3 birthdays within a week in February, so I'm always grateful when they don't all choose cake. Some years we've had 3 chocolate cakes in a week, so yay for cinnamon rolls! Happy Birthday adorable girl!

2nd Grade Music Program

The little girls had a 2nd grade music program for their school in January. They had been practicing all year and did very well. It was so cute, and I'm so glad they have opportunities to do fun things like this!

Doing the Dishes.........

In January we had a major snow storm that had us snowed in for a week and out of power for 48 hours. During that time I was doing dishes by hand since our dishwasher wouldn't work without power. The kids were fascinated! I didn't realize that they'd never seen me do whole loads of dishes by hand before, just a pan here and there. I happily took advantage of their fascination and told them they could take turns doing dishes for the next two days, which they were thrilled about. The thrill wore off quickly though and we were all very glad when the power came back on!