Sunday, April 3, 2011

Darling Green Smoothie Girls!

We started making green smoothies a few months ago and are totally hooked. They're so good for you and so tasty too - even with the greens in them. Even the little girls now know how to make a green smoothie, and can't wait until it's smoothie time everyday!

Creative Ashlyn

I get these great whole wheat pretzel sticks from Trader Joe's that the kids love. The other night, Ashlyn decided to spell her name in pretzels! What a funny girl!

Buzz Cut!

Marq was tired of having to have his hair cut every other week, so the last time he went in for a hair cut he told them to cut it really short. He got his wish! He really likes it so I suspect this is how he'll be wearing it for awhile. And if he changes his mind, that works too, because it grows so fast. He's such a handsome boy!

Lunch Date!

I seldom get to spend time with just my older kids, so going to the mall (on the hunt for dresses for Lexie) and having lunch with just Ean and Lexie was a rare treat. I love you guys!


Lexie needed new church dresses so we went on the hunt. It's so hard to find modest dresses for teens. This is one we found, and she loves it. She's just too cute!

King Marq?

Marq found a strip of cardboard that came off of a plastic grape container from Costco and he wore it for almost the entire day! He seems so grown-up most of the time that I sometimes forget he's also still a little boy in many ways. The joys of being 10!

Daddy-Daughter Fun!

Our stake had a great daddy-daughter activity in March. It was called "A Night Under the Stars". They had a great dinner, fun activities, and a dance. Tim and Annie had a great time and Annie is still talking about dancing with her dad!

The Cutest Shoes Ever!

Ok, I just couldn't resist these shoes for the little girls. They called Twinkle Toes, and they were expensive, but they're oh so cute! They have stripes, roses, rhinestone toes, fuchsia sparkles, and pink organza ruffles. It's so fun having little girlie girls!

Why We Do Braids

Here's beautiful Ashlyn with her hair in a large ponytail after her braids were taken out. As you can guess, it would be sooooo difficult to comb through this everyday. So we always braid or twist the little girls' hair. It looks darling and lasts for 2 weeks without having to be re-done. And a real bonus is that Lexie or Ellie do their hair now, so I don't have to worry about it at all!

New Glasses for Lexie

Lexie needed new glasses, so off to the eye doctor we went. It usually takes her forever to pick new frames, but this time it took her about 1 minute! She grabbed these, tried them on, and fell in love with them. They're super cute with little flowers on the sides and a great green color. Thanks for not making me spend the entire afternoon at the eye doctor, honey!

School Time!

Here are Marq and Annie doing their schoolwork. Much of what they do nowadays is done on the computer. They're great about getting down to work first thing in the morning and getting their work done well and quickly. Then they come and tell me all about what they've learned that day. They make my job as a homeschooling mom almost easy!


We had tons of snow this winter - by Pacific Northwest standards that is. We even had snow in March! As you can see, it didn't slow the kids down at all. They play outside everyday no matter what the weather is like!