Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming 2010!

Last Saturday was the big Homecoming Dance at Kentlake High School where Lexie attends. She looked beautiful, but it's hard to see it in this picture taken with Tim's Blackberry phone. The best part about this dress though is that we found it at a Kohl's store 10 minutes from our home and it was less that $100.00! We sure lucked out on that one!

Facebook Picture, finally!

For as long as I've been on Facebook, I haven't had a picture on my profile. I just haven't had the time to do it! You know how it goes, the mom takes all the pictures and doesn't end up in any of them. So finally, I had Tim take a picture of me. It's not great, and I was seriously tired that day, but it's better than nothing! Now if I just didn't look so old.............

More Brantley Birthday Pics!

Here are some of the kids eating yummy burgers and hotdogs. I just love them hot off the grill! And the other picture is of the kids and Mira out front with frosting on their faces from the huge cupcakes. Silly kids!

Brantley is 11!

Yeah, I'm a little behind in blogging. Anyhow, on August 24th Brantely turned 11! I can't believe he's so old. I can still see him so clearly as a 2 year old into everything. He was so cute then, and still is! For his birthday cereal he chose Fruit Loops, for dinner he chose to have a BBQ in the backyard, and for his cake he chose huge Costco cupcakes. The kids' friend Mira was over and a great time was had by all. Happy Belated Birthday you handsome boy - we love you!

Lucky Dog?

Poor little Lucky is just never left alone! The kids drag him everywhere and include him in everything. I'm sure he'd just like some peace and quiet sometimes, but that's not happening here. No wonder he sleeps 12 hours at night!