Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before and After

Here's Lucky before and after a haircut. It's almost $50.00 to get him groomed, and it only takes about 3 weeks for him to be totally hairy again. It's a good thing he's so cute!

Now We Have 3 10 year olds!

On July 25th Marq turned 10. From the 25th of July to the 24th of August every year Brantley, Annie and Marq are the same age. Almost triplets! For his birthday picks he chose Lucky Charms cereal, lasagna for dinner, and chocolate cake. Happy Birthday my sweet handsome boy!

Living in the Woods

I just love living where we do. We're within 15 mins. of stores and other services, but far enough out to have woods in our backyard. It's so beautiful here! This is a picture of the kids in the creek across the street from us. They spend hours everyday outside in nature. We're very blessed!

They must be girls...........

I honestly don't remember my older girls being so concerned about having perfect nails, but these two are constantly putting on polish. After some spills inside, I made it an outdoor only activity. Such girlie girls!

More Museum Day Photos!

Here are the kids doing some other things at the Pacific Science Center. Notice the butterfly on Brantley? Butterflies love him!

Museum Day!

We love going to museums, and one of our favorites is the Pacific Science Center. We've had a family membership there off and on for years. This time, in addition to all the usual great stuff, they had a circus exhibit area where the kids could pretend they were in the circus. It was a very fun day!


We got a Butterfly Garden this year so the kids could watch caterpillars change into butterflies. It was great fun! Honestly, when they suggested it, my first thought was "One more living thing to take care of. Joy." But it was really easy and they were hatched and set free very quickly. I think we may do it again when we study insects this year in school!

Gray 4th of July

Isn't the 4th of July supposed to be warm and sunny? It wasn't this year! In fact, it was so cold and wet that we ate inside! Tim and Brantley were troopers and barbecued the burgers and hot dogs for us, so it was still yummy. And it dried up enough for fireworks later. But it was still cold! Hopefully next year will be back to normal sunny July weather!

My Baby is 6!

On June 29th Ashlyn had her birthday, and I just can't believe that our youngest is 6! We really don't have any babies anymore! Her birthday is the 3rd of 4 June birthdays in our family - Tim's mom, Annie, Ashlyn and Tim all have birthdays in June. For her birthday picks she chose Rock Star cereal (bright pink star shaped cherry flavored puffs - ick!), hot dogs for dinner, and chocolate cake. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

Annie's Birthday!

On June 26th, Annie turned 10. Another child in the double digits! She agreed to let Brantley make her cake, and it was really yummy! For her cereal she chose Lucky Charms and for dinner she chose Taco Bell. I love a girl who doesn't make me cook! She's still a little tiny thing, and cute as can be. Happy Birthday honey!


Once again, my kids amaze me with their imaginations. Who would have ever thought coloring each other's faces with chalk would be fun? Obviously Brantley and Marq did. Thank heavens it wasn't paint!

Bubbles Anyone?

I saw a huge bubble floating past me INSIDE the house, and when I went to investigate, this is what I saw. Yep, that's Brantley using his mouth and a plate full of bubble solution to blow bubbles. Where does he come up with these ideas?

First Trip to the Salon!

Emily and Ashlyn decided they each wanted a new "do", so off to the salon we went. Many tears and many dollars later they had beautiful cornrows and were thrilled! I, however, wasn't thrilled that they only lasted 2 weeks before their hair needed to be redone. Sixty dollars for a 2 week hairstyle? I don't think so. I guess I'll be doing braids for a long time to come!

Lexie Photos

Here are a couple shots of Lexie when she was trying to take a picture for her Facebook page. She's always looked so good in photos!