Sunday, January 31, 2010

Violin Practice

Brantley got a new violin for Christmas and is really enjoying it. Now he's teaching the little girls how to play too! They're just all so cute!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ean is 18!

Wow, how time flies! Ean turned 18 on Dec. 31st. When he was little, he thought that all the parties and fireworks on Dec. 31st were just for him. Too cute! He's doing well living on his own and is a star on his school's basketball team. We went to Applebee's to celebrate and had lots of fun. Love you, honey!

Princess Tiana!

Disney finally created an African American princess, and we're thrilled! So we've gone a little overboard on Princess Tiana merchandise. The girls have Princess Tiana shirts, night gowns, and bedding sets. We also saw the movie and it's very cute. It's about time, Disney!

Christmas 2009!

So I took a grand total of 2 pictures this year on Christmas. Talk about a brain glitch. Anyhow, we all had a great time. Ean was able to join us, so it was the whole family this year. Our rule is that everyone gets 4 gifts from us and then 1 gift from all the siblings. Then we get a family gift from Santa. And of course grandparent gifts, which are much appreciated! A few of the gifts included: gift cards, a violin for Brantley, Princess Tiana dolls for the little girls, a Ninetendo DS for Marq, a Gameboy for Annie (she already has a DS and for some reason really wanted a Gameboy), books and CDs. The we followed up with our traditional Christmas dinner of lasagna. We also watched the newest Harry Potter dvd which Ean gave the family. It was a very nice day!

You Know You Have 8 Kids When..........

You can sleep soundly even with a child on your lap and several others crowded around staring at your face. Honestly, I have no idea how Tim does it, because the kids were poking and crawling all over him and he just slept right through it. Maybe complete exhaustion explains it?

Montessori School Christmas Program

Emily and Ashlyn's school Christmas program was just darling. I love attending things like this and will miss it when our littles no longer participate. Of course, then come the grand kids programs! Please excuse the quality of the pictures - I have no idea what went wrong. I am NOT techno-savvy!

Church Christmas Program

We had a great church Christmas program/party this year. It was set up to look like Bethlehem and we went to different stalls to "buy" traditional Jewish foods. We sat on blankets on the floor instead of at tables. Then there was the traditional re-enactment of Jesus' birth. The little girls were the cutest shepherds. Lots of fun for everyone!

The Christmas Tree

Here are the kids decorating the Christmas tree. We let them choose where to put everything so in the end we have almost all the ornaments on the lower half of the tree. Works for us - we're not into "picture perfect" trees! Everyone was excited this year because we went back to getting a real tree. Tim prefers the fake ones, but after 3 years of fake trees, I just couldn't do it anymore. I just love taking the family to pick out the perfect tree. And you can't beat the smell of a real one!

Emily learned to rollerblade!

Isn't she just darling?! She got tired of watching her older siblings rollerblading without her, so she strapped some on and practiced until she could do it. Ashlyn did the same thing, but it took her a couple more days to get the hang of it. They're just growing up so fast!

Brantley's at it again...........

Seriously, this boy lives to scare me to death. He's always jumping from great heights, speeding around on his bike, ice skates, or roller blades - in the street, or climbing something much too tall. I'm amazed he hasn't had more emergency room visits!

Nap Time!

I have no idea why they're sleeping on the couch instead of their perfectly good beds, but they are. Funny sisters!