Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleeping Angels

Aren't they just the cutest?!

Ellie's Commencement

Even though Ellie did all her schoolwork at home, she was actually a student a small private high school that often works with homeschoolers so they can get their diploma. Ellie did great with school, and we all wanted to celebrate her big accomplishment by attending her commencement ceremonies. It was a very nice program, and thankfully very casual, since we had to drive over 2 hours to get there. There was even a wonderful salmon lunch afterwards. Congratulations Ellie!

Ellie's New 'Do

For her commencement ceremony, Ellie decided to go the the salon and have her hair done. We all liked it, but she looked like a completely different person! Seriously, doesn't she look about 25? I can't possibly be old enough to have a daughter that looks like this!


If you click on this picture of our backyard and look closely, you'll see the deer just off to the side and behind the swing set. We thought it was so fun to see deer in our yard everyday, until they started eating all our newly installed landscaping! I now have deer repellent EVERYWHERE. I just wish they didn't like to eat flowers so much!

Lexie is Driving!

Oh scary day. Actually, she's a great driver. She can't get her license for a few months yet because she's only 15, but she's really enjoying Driver's Ed. We're not thrilled by the cost, but it IS a great program. Now she wants her own car!

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July. We spent the day doing things that needed doing around the house, then had a BBQ (Ean was able to be here too) that evening. After that, we went out to the street in front of our house and set off fireworks. We also enjoyed watching all the neighbors setting off their much larger and prettier fireworks. Happy Birthday America!

More pictures from Ashlyn's birthday

This program only lets me add 5 photos to a post, so here are the rest of the pictures from Ashlyn's birthday.

Ashlyn is 5!

I can't believe my baby is 5! It seems like just yesterday we were at the adoption agency meeting her for the first time. She was so beautiful as a baby and still is! We went to the beach for the day and then had her birthday choice dinner of hot dogs and chips, and of course chocolate birthday cake. Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl!

Annie's Birthday

I can't believe Annie's already 9! During the day on her birthday we met friends at McDonalds, then that evening we went to Godfather's Pizza for pizza and arcade games. Then it was home for chocolate birthday cake. It was a very fun day! Happy Birthday my sweet spunky girl!

The Little Girls Room

We're trying to stop calling them "the babies" because they're 5 now, but unless we have more, I suspect I'll always think of them as the babies. They both wanted a Disney Princess room - thank heavens they agreed!

Annie's Room

Pink and flowers. She was apparently in a rare girly mood when she chose the decorations and color for her room!

Brantley and Marq's Bedroom

Don't you just love the orange wall? I'm so glad I only let them choose a color for one wall. This orange on every wall would be a bit too much!

Lexie's Room

Ok, so there's no way I'd show her room. It's a total disaster. I hope she grows into a neat and tidy woman, but she certainly isn't now!

Ellie's Room

Master Bedroom

Eating Nook


Family Room

Powder Room

I promise this is the only bathroom I'll show you!


Dining Room

Notice the pool table? Isn't this what formal dining rooms are for?

Living Room


The House

The next several posts will be of the interior of the house. Since I have no idea how to include labels on my photos, each one will be a separate post so I can tell what rooms they are. It's great to finally feel settled in!


When I don't have the time to do multiple braids on the little girls hair, (which takes about 1 1/2 hours per girl) I put their hair in big puff ponytails. It's so darling like this! However, the comb-out afterwards is awful and takes a couple of hours. Little African American girls hair is darling, but not easy!