Saturday, April 18, 2009


Usually, we designate the Saturday before Easter as "Bunny Day" and that's when the kids hunt for their Easter Baskets and eat more candy than any person should have. However, this year Ellie and I were helping out at the local food bank on Saturday morning, so the kids found their baskets on Easter Sunday instead. I like it better when we have a separate day for baskets so we can concentrate on Jesus' Resurrection on Easter Sunday, but it was fine to do it this way for this year. In addition to baskets of candy, we also got the "Charlotte's Web" DVD. It's very cute! This is a picture of the younger kids in their Easter finery. Aren't they darling!


Our house is yellow! We had a hard time picking the color because there are about a thousand yellows, but I think we finally settled on a good one. I like the way it looks with the River Rock. The interior is almost done being painted too, except for the kids' rooms. They each got to pick a color for an accent wall. Lexie picked purple, Emily and Ashlyn picked bright pink, Annie picked the same bright pink, and Brantley and Marq picked orange. Ellie just wants to stick with same cream color we're having most of the house painted. Things will certainly be colorful! By the way, if you click on the picture of the kitchen you can get a closeup of the granite counters. I love the way they turned out!


The entire family - including Ean - went out to Applebee's for dinner about 3 weeks ago. It was great fun to have the whole family together. Can you believe how tall Ean's getting? He's over 6' tall, wears a size 17 shoe, and is still growing! Ah, teen boys............