Monday, March 16, 2009

Emily the Computer Queen

Emily's latest favorite thing is the computer. She's discovered several online learning programs that she really likes, and knows just how to get to them. I never cease to be amazed when my tiny kids are more computer literate than I am!

Teenagers and Phones!

Here's Lexie doing what she does best - talking on both the home phone and her cell phone at the same time. She also is great at talking on the home phone and texting on her phone at the same time. Funny girl!


Here's what the kitchen looked like as of a week and a half ago or so. Most of the cabinets are in and they look great! This week the granite countertops should go in and then the backsplash will get tiled. The hardwood floors are also in now and everything looks really good together. It's so hard to tell what stuff will look like from tiny samples in the show room, so I'm glad it's going together well. Now if we could just figure out what shade of yellow to put on the outside!


Look at these eyebrows! Annie is now my 3rd daughter to shave her eyebrows. Ellie did it when she was 9, then Lexie did it when SHE was 9, and now Annie has done it at the age of 8. Maybe she's advanced? She says Brantley helped her, but he says it was all her idea. Whoever it was, I got a really good laugh!

Orange Belts!

A couple of months ago Marq, Annie, and Brantley all had their karate testing. They did great and had a good time. I can't imagine it would be fun to have a bunch of black belts watching and grading everything I did, but the kids think it's fun. Anyhow, they all earned their "orange recommended" rank and are very proud of their belts!