Friday, January 9, 2009


I promised Brantley I'd blog about his crickets, so here they are. The 3 3rd graders attend classes for homeschoolers at a local public school on Tuesdays and this week in science they made cricket habitats and sent crickets home with the kids. A project not meant to thrill mothers I'm sure. We got them home in one piece and all was going well, until we left to run errands. Then Marq's crickets got out. We weren't there to see it, but according to Ellie she got to spend the next 45 minutes chasing down crickets that were jumping all over the kitchen and getting them back into their enclosure. Then she had to figure out how to keep them there. When we got home, they were about to escape again, so I convinced Marq that it was time to let them go. He took it like a trooper and let them hop away into the woods. I think Marq's crickets are the lucky ones because Brantley's and Annie's are going back to the classroom next week to become food for Artemis, the classroom tarantula!

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gloria said...

Oh my goodness -- how hillarious!!! My kids make me laugh so hard sometimes..... I know you understand. Loved the christmas pics too. :)