Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well I'm finally getting around to posting about our Thanksgiving. We had a great one! We did something we've never done before - went out to dinner instead of eating at home. I decided that I just wasn't up for cooking a big dinner in our rental house's smallish kitchen using the little pots and pans that came as part of the house's furniture, so out we went. We didn't want to do anything fancy, just casual and fun, so we ate at Old Country Buffet. They has all the traditional Thanksgiving food, plus lots of other things too. Several of the kids had pizza as well as turkey, and everyone got to have several desserts. It was easy and yummy!

That night, we continued our yearly tradition of stating something we were thankful for. Here's the list:

Ashlyn: Barbies

Emily: Princess Barbies

Marq: Eating at a restaurant

Annie: Holidays

Brantley: Sponge Bob

Lexie: She was too busy texting to answer!

Ellie: Music (she's really missing our piano while it's in storage)

Me: The miracle of adoption

Tim: The gospel

We also were all thankful that our house is being built faster than we thought it would be. By the way, the picture was taken out on our front porch on our way to dinner. Doesn't everyone look hungry?

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