Friday, November 14, 2008


This just cracked me up. Here are the kids shoes next to the front door AFTER they've been cleaned up and sorted through all the extras have been put away. Proof positive that I have quite a few kids!

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gloria said...

Dear Robin,

It was SO good to receive your Christmas letter, and the photo of the kids!! It's been a long time since we corresponded and I am truly sorry for that. Life has been incredibly "full" for me this past year, but I hope to catch up with you some time soon.
Loved to see the kids - they are all so very beautiful.
Also congrats on the house project! Whew you are brave girl! After remodeling our old home for the past 2 yrs I am wiped out!
I am envious you have moved back to WA... the NW will always be "home" for me......
Have a wonderful holiday season,
gloria in Missouri