Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Pictures Finally!

Well, life got busy as usual, but here are our Halloween pictures. Our church had a carnival and Trunk-Or-Treat again this year and the kids had a great time. And the weather even cooperated! Tim and I were old fuddy-duddies and didn't dress up this year but I thought the kids looked terrific. Ellie was a missionary (she can hardly wait until she can be one for real), Lexie was a hero from the TV show "Heros", Brantley was a Star Wars guy, though I'm not sure what one, Marq and Annie were both Spiderman, and Emily and Ashlyn were pegasus unicorns. Annie is so funny. She's totally girlie in some things, but very much a tomboy in other ways. I thought she'd pick princess or something like that, but nope, she wanted to be Spiderman. And next year she wants to be the Incredible Hulk! Gotta love a girl who knows her own mind!

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