Monday, October 6, 2008

The Library

Today was library day for the 5 youngest. We just got back, and all I can say is whew! Anyone out there who's gone to the library with 5 young children will know exactly what I'm talking about. It started off with multiple trips back home to retrieve left books and library cards, so by the time we finally made it to the library, I was already tired. Then of course we had to check in our books - all 92 of them. At that point we were finally ready to enter the library. We had our usual "quiet voices" discussion and headed in. I then got to spend the next hour and a half wondering if I'd been speaking english when I asked them to talk quietly. I honestly had no idea a person could whisper so loudly that it could be heard across the entire library. Then came the $23.00 in overdue book fines. And the table piled so high with books to check out that they spilled all over with a loud racket - several times. I spent the entire time chasing down jumping and running littles and apologizing profusely to every librarian I saw. Finally it was time to leave. So up to the front we marched to check out 92 more books and figure out how to get so many bags of books out to the car. And now you know why I say whew!

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