Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas isn't nearly as crazy as it was a few years ago since everyone is growing up.  We had a great one though and really enjoyed the family time.  It's not often we get to just hang out and relax.  Even though Christmas was on a Sunday this year, we didn't attend church because Cara was just not having any of it.  We opened presents (which Cara didn't like at all), ate our traditional Christmas dinner - lasagna - and watched Evie and Cara play with their new toys.  The weather was so warm we actually needed to use the air conditioning.  And Cara refused to get in the group picture but wanted her picture taken with Daddy. She's such a Daddy's Girl!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

The Peabody Hotel

For our homeschool tweens Christmas party we went to the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis.  They have ducks that swim in the fountain and then go up the elevator to live in the penthouse.  It's a Memphis tradition to watch the ducks load into the elevator and head up.  Sounds funny I know, but it was really fun.  The hotel is very old and very fancy and beautiful.  After watching the ducks and taking photos, we headed across the street for dinner.  It was such a fun evening!


These 3 are so cute together and such good friends.  They didn't even plan to match, but just ended up that way.  I'm so glad my kids have great friends who I actually like them to hang out with!

Ringing the Bell

Tim is on the board of the Salvation Army, so we were asked to take a shift ringing the bell and collection donations outside a Walmart.  Annie and I took the 1st 4 hours and had a great time.  People were so generous and kind, and who doesn't want to sit in the beautiful sun wishing everyone who passes a Merry Christmas?

Evie's Christmas Program

Evie's preschool put on a little Christmas program and it was darling! She dressed up like a Christmas tree and sang songs and wore a star headband and sang more songs.  She mostly just stood there staring at the parents, which was so cute.  Of course I'm the nana, so I get to think everything she does is adorable!

Ugly Sweater Party Dec. 2016

Our homeschool group does some activities just for teens, and this year the Christmas party was an Ugly Sweater Party.  There were some pretty bad sweaters there, but Annie won the prize for the ugliest.  It was a horrible sweater vest about 3 sizes too big that we found at Walmart.  The party was great
, and I'm so glad the homeschooled teens in this area are such a fun and active group!

Going on Walks

One of Cara's favorite things to do is to go on walks.  She'll go and go.  I never cease to be amazed since when we started her adoption process, we didn't think she'd ever walk.  Or talk.  Which she also does all the time.  Emily (and Ellie, Annie and Ashlyn) are so good about taking her on walks pretty much everyday.  What a miracle this child is!